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Witnesser enables you to turn content that you see on the web into an evidence that you can use in court.
We provide you a certificate for any kind of content that you ask us to witness. It is instantaneous, automatic and secure.

It all happens on our website, you don't need to install anything.

Currently, you can witness content from Facebook, Twitter or Gmail.
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How does it work ?

When to use Witnesser ?

When you would like to use online content as an evidence in a legal procedure.

Example 1 :
Michael Gordon
About to close a deal with Xyz, inc...
Someone disclosed confidential information on Facebook
Example 2 :
Jack Smith
John is a drug addict and often has violent crises
Someone is defaming you by posting misinformation on Twitter
Example 3 :
Frank Wolf <fwolf@m.com>
Otherwise, I will resort to violence towards your family
Someone threatened you by email.

Browse and select what you want to witness

Select the source of the content you want to witness
Authorize Witnesser to access your data on the corresponding source
Browse to select the content you want to witness
Hit "Witness this..."

More on granting Witnesser access to your data...

Order a certificate for the evidence

At any later time :
Hit 'Get a certificate' on evidence's page
Chose how to receive certificate
Checkout with Paypal
Certificate gets instantly generated for you

Certificate acts as an evidence

Example of certificate

More on the value of a certificate...

Witness for free, pay for certificates

Witnessing is free and unlimited. Collect as many evidences as you want.
Certificates cost $5 per download, and $5 for sending by email.
You can witness evidences at any time, and order certificates for them later.

Use certificates in court

More on the value of a certificate...

Other questions ?

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