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Why do I need to authorize Witnesser to access my data on Facebook ?

In order to use Witnesser with Facebook, you will be redirected to this window.
This is normal, and it is necessary for Witnesser to work.
Witnesser needs to be able to access your data on Facebook to be able to certify it.
For Witnesser to be able to certify that some content was at some point on Facebook, Witnesser needs to be able to communicate directly with Facebook on your behalf.
By granting Witnesser access to your data, you are effectively enabling Witnesser to see what you are able to see on Facebook. This in turn enables Witnesser to certify the content that you are able to see.
This is illustrated by the process below :
What will Witnesser do with my data on Facebook ?
Witnesser will only use your data in the following way :
  • read the data you ask it to read while browsing to select the content you want
  • save the content you ask it to witness, on its own server
No data from Facebook will be used for anything else.
Everything you do using Witnesser is strictly confidential and won't be shared to anyone by Witnesser.
Can I revoke Witnesser's access to my data ?
Anytime you want, with instantaneous effect, you can revoke Witnesser's access to your data, on Facebook's access revocation page.
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